Who We Are

Jacqueline Hill

Licensed Bail Bonds Agent Owner/Operator

The founder and Operator Jacqueline Hill has 16 years of experience and comes from a family of Bail bondsmen. Her father starting out 30+ years ago in Jacksonville, Florida peeked Jacqueline’s interest into the Bail Bond Industry. With over 7 years of experience, Jacqueline is very knowledgeable in with all steps of the Bail process. Jacqueline earned her Degree from Florida State College in Business Management in 2009. Mrs. Hill believed that in starting her own business, she could be more effective in helping people. In 2010, Jacqueline founded Around the Clock Bail Bonds LLC.. Since then, She has helped numerous clients with State and Federal Bonds. Around the Clock Bail Bonds has helped Jacqueline fully realize her passion for helping people at their time of need.

Mrs. Hill is active in a number of professional organizations including the JBA (Jacksonville Bail Association). Jacqueline treats every person with respect and integrity. Coming from a family owned and operated business, Mrs. Hill takes pride in giving all of her clients the utmost respect and understands when people are in a time of need. Mrs. Hill is considered by many to be attentive, loyal, and reliable. Her compassion and professionalism as a bail bond agent is what has helped her strive to succeed in an industry that has remained to be a second-rate of quality bail bond agents. Her company founded the platform that many other agents and agencies are now using to surpass expectations due to the effectiveness and perseverance to succeed.


At Around the Clock Bail Bonds, we are here to make bail bonds understandable and obtainable. We are committed to providing you with ethical, professional and informative bail services.

As well as standardized operation that instills your trust with us. We focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding.

Around the Clock Bail Bonds
25 N. Market St. Unit LL110
Jacksonville, FL 32202