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Our friendly and professional Fort Lauderdale bail bond agents are well trained and can assist you in getting someone you care about released on bail from the Broward County correctional facility with right way and with only a small percent of what the total bail bond actually costs.

We are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we can assist you through every step of the bail bond process. We will be your guide through the legal system. We are here to make your bail experience easy to understand and by the conditions. Call us NOW!

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What you should know about Bail Bonds

All bail bonds agencies charge the same amount for a bail bond. We are state regulated for the
premium by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

When looking for a bail bondsman you need to keep in mind a few things:

Confidentiality: Although it is public record if you have been arrested, everything at your bondsman office should be kept private and confidential.

We will never discuss with anyone outside of those who you’ve involved with the bail bond process anything that has to do with your case or those friends and family who could be involve

Bail Bonds and Regulation: Make sure you are being charged correctly. A Fort Lauderdale bail bonds company is regulated to charge 10% of the bond if the bond is 1000.00 or more. Or it is $100.00 flat fee if the bond is under $1000.00 in the state of Florida. That is it! You should never have to pay any more or any less. There are only a few instances where you would pay more: if there is a $100.00 transfer fee involved. Cash collateral should be retuned to you in its entire amount once the case is disposed.

Collateral: Make sure your bail bonds agent asks you for some form of collateral, every professional bail bonds company that is backed by an insurance company needs at lest 2 forms of collateral, promissory note and indemnity agreement. These documents basically state that you promise, the defendant is going to appear in court date until the case is disposed. In the event the defendant fails to appear you will then be held legally responsible for the full amount of bond or surrender the defendant to the courts. If the bondsman does NOT ask for any form of collateral BEWARE. This can result in the bondsman feeling uneasy about the bond and then result in you being put back in jail. Please follow these important principles while looking for a bondsman to help your time of need.

Professionalism: Make sure your bail bondsman operates out of a physical office. Bail bondsman in Fort Lauderdale are expected to uphold a certain standard of morality. It falls under the moral turpitude clause in Chapter 648 & 903 in the state statues governing bail bonds. If you feel uncomfortable about a situation, just walk out. You should always feel comfortable and able to trust your bail bondsman.